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Nutrition Analysis

Price: AU$70.00 plus tax (if applicable)

Nutrition Analysis

Ever wanted to calculate for sure how close your diet is to 'ideal'?

Now you can!  Computer software is used to tally up every scrap of food you ate, and every training session, then give you a total for your:

- energy intake (and whether you're eating enough, or too much)
- fat intake, including your intake of saturated fat
- protein intake (you'd be surprised how many people don't eat enough of this essential nutrient)
- carbohydrate intake
- sugar intake
- dietary fibre intake
- cholesterol intake
- sodium intake

Handy, eh? Now you have the solid information you need to make the right adjustments to your nutrition.
Click here to download a sample copy of the report you will receive.

This valuable nutrition analysis will cost you only $A77.00 and can be done completely online.

(Want more?
- Your nutrition analysis plus one hour of clinic time with Olwen to discuss your results and create strategies for change $90.
- Or book yourself in for a full 1.5hr naturopathic checkover which includes the nutrition analysis for $130)

All you have to do is…..

1. Pay for your analysis, securely, using Pay Pal
2. Olwen will email you the instruction sheet and recording sheets within 48 hours of your payment.
3. You record the data and email the completed sheets to Olwen
4. Olwen will email your nutrition report within 48 hours of receiving the data.
Disclaimer. This diet and nutrition analysis is not a naturopathic consultation, and therefore Olwen will not be able to prescribe any nutritional supplements, homoeopathic remedies or herbs to treat any medical conditions as part of this diet analysis. Only general dietary recommendations will be made. See Olwen or your local health practitioner for a professional in-clinic consultation if you have specific health issues that need addressing.


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