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An antidote to the hand-wringing about childhood obesity

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Today's blog post is a guest post by Emma Lovelly of Musclesprouts. Enjoy reading the article and learning about what this non-profit organisation is doing to help overcome childhood obesity - in a practical way. - Olwen 

Hopefully this kind of food isn't in YOUR fridge at it?We’ve all heard about the childhood obesity epidemic. The statistics are alarming with approximately 25% of all Australian children already overweight or obese, and that figure is set to rise to one third by 2020.

It seems obvious that changes need to be made to the culture and attitude toward healthy living that our kids currently have, so where to start? 

The Government has brought in changes to school canteens, our primary and high schools have education built into them and there is the changing legislation regarding marketing and advertising food to children but how do you combat the fact that junk food is often just a kids favourite?

That’s where organisations and groups like Muscle Sprouts come in. Adding a new key ingredient to the healthy living recipe- Fun. Organisations like Muscle Sprouts provide opportunities for kids to take some responsibility in their lifestyle choices, rather than merely stopping or preventing kids from eating poorly or promoting one off exercise tasks. We all know when you say a firm ‘No’ to something it often only ends up making it all the more desirable, so instead of simply banning the junk food Muscle Sprouts has another tactic. 

Muscle Sprouts philosophy is about creating changes that will last and benefit generations of Australian kids and having fun while doing it, as they work in conjunction with government initiatives as well as parents towards a much needed culture shift in Australia.

Offering a range of activities and events that aim to educate and involve kids in understanding healthy living, one of their workshops is a Cooking Extravaganza Class, which teaches kids how to prepare and cook meals that are quick, healthy and can be enjoyed by the whole family

Sharing secrets about disguising unattractive vegetables, chefs tips on simple food preparation as well as a wealth of recipes to take home and try out, these entertaining workshops not only provide valuable information on nutrition but get kids off the couch and interested, an idea many mums will no doubt cherish.

Muscle Sprouts is a non-for profit organisation, that aims to minimize the risk of childhood diseases caused by obesity, in particular heart disease and childhood diabetes. Their workshops and seminars are open to anyone, for more information or to contact Muscle Sprouts, visit their website or call 1300 704 250.

By Emma Lovell
On behalf of Muscle Sprouts

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