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Help Business Owners Eat Healthy

Monday, June 08, 2015
It’s been “one of those days”. You open the front door feeling tired and stressed, wishing someone would just give you a hug and a home-cooked meal. But there’s no-one else there to cook for you, and the pantry is bare. 

You’ve heard stories of extremely successful business owners who lose their health, and now you can see how it happens, and you don’t want to become one of them. You know that good self-care is the key to being your own boss and surviving with your health still intact. How can you eat well when you’re busy, and you don’t have the funds (yet) to pay for a housekeeper.

How can you avoid phoneing for take-away again because the shopping and cooking just hasn’t happened? I’d like to propose some solutions.

YOU NEED A PLAN (& how to skip this step)

Because you’re focused on health you probably schedule your fitness training sessions and stick to them as rigorously you keep scheduled appointments and meetings. Do the same for your nutrition: Set aside an hour for meal planning each week and do it in front of the computer. Create a meal template in your Word Processor, (or download a free template here) fill it in and print it out. Then if you don’t have time to shop, get on to your local online supermarket home delivery service so the ingredients will be delivered to your kitchen bench. 

Like to skip this step? I've created a meal plan for you that includes day-by-day instructions, recipes, even a shopping list. You can purchase it from the shop, here  Otherwise, read on!

Next, set aside the time when you’re going to bulk-prepare meals. This might be done on your day off, or perhaps a little each evening when you’re cooking dinner. For example, your meal plan might instruct you to put that whole chicken in your slow cooker to ‘roast’ during the day.  That night you’ll open your front door to the delicious aroma of roasted chicken; now all you have to do is cook the vegetables to go with it, and pull leftover chicken apart for freezing in portion size containers in your freezer.




- Salad: Chop ingredients the night before and store in fridge

- Ensure your pantry contains the elements that make a salad superb


- Toss a tub of trail mix into your bag or briefcase for food ‘emergencies’ (like when you’re ravenous and there’s a snack vending machine calling to you)

- Fresh fruit: The ultimate fast food (A tip to avoid bananas though: They get squashed all too easily and give off an unmistakable aroma, particularly if you forget to take them out of your bag. Remember schoolbags like this?)

- Nutty biscuits or Muesli bars, baked on a cold rainy weekend and frozen ready to go.

Evening meals

- Slow cookers create huge stews which can be frozen

- Whole roasts can be cooked during the day in the slow cooker, and leftovers frozen in portion sized containers, ready to add to your lunchtime salad.

- Defrost a vegetable stew during the day then when you get home char-grill a cut of meat or fish to go with it.

- Stir fries cook fast, all you have to do is chop the vegetables and meat/fish, toss them into the wok and add a good sauce.

If you have any tips for fast healthy meals please share, I’d love to hear them; (I’m a busy business owner too!)

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