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Is your morning routine boosting or undermining your health?

Saturday, August 05, 2017
The alarm rings, signalling it’s time to catapult yourself into a new day.  Most people have really strong habitual routines; around what they eat, their fitness, and their mood. I’d like to invite you to consider whether your own morning routine is boosting or undermining your health.

Sound impossible? In reality, how you approach your morning routine, and what it includes can have a powerful effect on how you feel by the time the sun goes down, and on your long term health too. If you’re feeling frazzled, rushed and propelled only by nervous energy, supported through your day with caffeine and sugar, this idea might seem impossible: but there are only three key ingredients.

Actually, it starts the night before, where you may have to peel yourself away from the television to enable a solid eight hours rest. 

In the morning, allow enough time for your health-anchoring routines. This takes practice and adjustments. There are three elements you want to include: a breakfast to fuel your body, some exercise, and attention to your soul as well. It’s not so much the amount of time you have available for each as that you’ve attended to them.
Your breakfast, if it’s going to save you from irresistible cravings for sweet stuff, should include some high quality protein, some good fats, slow release carbohydrates and fibre. This could be as simple as a hard-boiled egg and avocado on toast. 

When it comes to exercise, it’s easy to let it slip by, assuming it will take too long. But in reality every little bit makes a difference. There are apps easily available now that guide you through five minutes of yoga, or strength training. Or you could investigate the possibilities of high intensity cardiovascular exercise promoted by a medical practitioner, Dr Moseley. Exercise helps because it burns off stress but, curiously, generates more energy than it uses.

The third item, for a truly holistic approach, is attending to emotional wellbeing. This is different for everyone: Some people have a religious affiliation inviting them to morning prayer. Others like to meditate, and for some folks it’s reviewing their goals, adjusting their internal compass for the day.

With a morning routine like this you’ll head out the door feeling refreshed, sustained, and well supported. In the long term, these habitual practices of a good breakfast, exercise, and attending to your soul will pay big benefits in better health for you. 

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