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When a cool breeze becomes a cold draft

Saturday, March 17, 2018
The change has come. You notice you’ve stopped stepping into doorways to catch any cool breeze, and begun closing that door to block out the cold draft. Winter is definitely on its way.

But there’s something you need to check, along with trying to remember where you packed the flannel pyjamas last spring. You need to check “the kit” is on hand. Because the change of season seems to be the time when so many of us are susceptible to catching colds and flu.

Even though you take good care of your health, sometimes that virus is just going to catch up with you. Perhaps you’ve been on a long distance flight, sharing recirculated air with several hundred other people.  Or stuck in a stuffy room for hours.  Or someone else in your household brought the germs home with them and is sharing them around.

Most of us have developed our own favourite flu-prevention remedies – often natural helpers like a specific herb mix, or a homoeopathic combination, or certain nutrients, or particular foods like ginger and honey. You’ve learnt from experience that the faster you can take action, the less of a hold the virus will get on you, and the faster you’ll recover. This is the time to check your supplies, to stock up on the remedies that work most effectively for you.

Chicken soup is a well-known cold remedy, and surprisingly, there’s some research behind it. This old home remedy works because the nutrients in the soup hose down the inflammation that generates symptoms like achiness, runny nose, sneezing and coughing. Preparing a big batch then freezing in portion sizes means that the day you come home feeling less than spectacular you can just heat up a bowl of this powerful symptom moderator.

Don’t forget another important tool for your flu kit: rest. Fighting off a virus uses immense amounts of energy, so taking the (sometimes embarrassing) step to rest as soon as you feel affected could mean you only have to take a day or two off work rather than struggle through a week or two of feeling poorly; or worse, remain unable to shake off the virus until spring.

Once you’ve got that cold & flu kit together you can relax a little, knowing you’ve got the tools you need on hand. Now you can get back to searching for your favourite knitted socks. You’ll need them soon.

By the way, short 20 minute cold & flu consultations are available in the clinic. So if you catch a cold or flu and need some remedies, book your consultation here. 

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