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Is it PCOS or is it Hypothyroid?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Missing periods? Putting on weight that just won’t budge? You might think it’s PCOS but your practitioner wants to investigate hypothyroidism as well. That’s because many of the symptoms of PCOS and symptoms of hypothyroid match.  Here’s some of the confounding symptoms:

- Weight gain can come from deranged adipokines (messengers from your fat cells) or insulin resistance, or both, but weight gain can also happen because your thyroid isn’t passing on the right messages to your cells, to get active. How your energy goes during the day can be the clue; hypothyroid fatigue can be relentless from sun up to sun-down. Insulin resistance of PCOS can produce energy ‘slumps’ during the day, rather like an energy rollercoaster.

- Chronic low level inflammation is increasingly regarded as a fundamental cause of PCOS; however inflammation will interfere with thyroid production too.

- Your entire endocrine (hormone) system works together, like a symphony orchestra. The instruments aren’t just your ovaries but your adrenal glands, thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus too. When one part of your endocrine system is affected, other glands are affected too. The key is to find out which one (or more) has the primary problem.

Your practitioner may order blood spot, urine or saliva tests – or all three – to establish how your endocrine system is communicating. You’ll probably get tests for anaemia, inflammation and cortisol (stress) too. If you have a practitioner who is exploring the possibility of hypothyroidism as well as PCOS then congratulations, you have found a thorough practitioner. 

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