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The PCOS Solution

Natural treatments for PCOS

Saturday, February 15, 2014
If there’s one hormonal disorder that can really turn the life of a woman upside down, it’s polycystic ovarian syndrome (also known as PCOS). The causes of this nasty hormone imbalance are still revealing themselves, but the effects can be distressing at least and at worst, devastating. PCOS can make itself evident with symptoms including disrupted periods mood swings, acne, facial hair, undeserved weight gain, depression, anxiety, and even impaired fertility. But it’s challenging to recognise the condition because PCOS presents itself in different ways for each woman. And because it’s a difficult condition to identify, many women are unaware that they have PCOS until they have trouble conceiving a baby. 

Often, just losing weight can relieve the symptoms of PCOS; but the disruption to your metabolism  and excess oestrogen that PCOS generates can make it really difficult to achieve weight loss. It creates a challenging catch-22 situation with dilemmas like these: You may want to eat less sugar, but the cravings can be overwhelming, and create some really disagreeable moods that threaten to destroy your relationships. Because you’re not feeling happy it’s extra challenging to get out there and exercise, but you aren’t likely to achieve the results you deserve from the effort you’re putting in to your training, because your metabolism is disrupted and your hormones are in disarray. Life can become a vicious cycle of food cravings, weight gain, and unhappy feelings. Not to mention the distress caused by acne or facial hair that seems resistant to whatever you try.

Despite the difficulties, diet and lifestyle changes can have a really positive impact on treatment of PCOS when combined with the right treatment to balance your hormones. Firstly, it’s become evident that ovaries are particularly sensitive to sugar, so if you have PCOS eating less sugar than you do now can help. Also, toning down the over-production of oestrogen and testosterone can help relieve the desire for sugar. Herbs are often used by natural therapists for just this purpose.

Regular exercise helps ease PCOS too, because it lifts your mood, making it easier to resist sugary foods, and relieves stress. How you feel is important because stress disrupts your reproductive hormones very effectively; learning new ways to manage your mood is an essential part of your PCOS treatment program. 

The take-home message for you is that PCOS is treatable. Diet and lifestyle changes can help relieve PCOS symptoms. Herbal and homoeopathic remedies can help balance your hormones, producing a happier mood which makes changing your diet and lifestyle easier. 

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