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Saturday, September 23, 2017
Feeling tired, out of shape and anxious? You’re not alone; The Jean Hailes organisation for womens’ health released the results of their 2017 survey into womens’ health concerns. It’s interesting reading (you can review the results yourself at ) Although focused on women, the results are useful for men too.

Sometimes the statistics from surveys allow you to see connections between issues that are often thought of as separate. For example, the survey revealed that 40% of women have been diagnosed with depression, most feel anxious to some degree, many are experiencing problems with sleeping, over half are overweight, and aren’t exercising regularly. 

There’s a connection here: if you’re one of the women who isn’t exercising and yet experiences mood problems, feels tired, and has to keep buying larger sizes in clothes,  there’s a way to feel more energetic, happier, calmer and more shapely: exercise.

It’s a paradox, but exercising actually boosts your energy. Although you may feel tired before you strap on those training shoes, once you get moving your body will actually begin creating more energy. It’s a curious thing, but bodies will actually become more lethargic the more you don’t move. This is why you can actually feel more energetic even though exercise takes energy.

There are more benefits too: as soon as you start moving your body’s levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) start diminishing. That helps evaporate feelings of anxiety. Exercise also boosts levels of endorphins, the happiness neurotransmitters. So fitness training actually helps lift depression and soothes anxiety.

But there’s the time factor. We’re all busy, it’s true, and have more to do than we can comfortably squeeze into a day. But most of us seem to be remarkably good at creating time for what’s really important to us. 

With modern technology it’s so easy to get movement into your life. Even if you’re not a gym junkie, don’t like team sports, or if it’s raining, there are now phone apps and online home training sessions easily obtainable, often free. Just Google ‘free home fitness training’ and you’ll be offered so many options you could try out one each day for years and never get through them.

In the end, though it’s up to you to make exercise happen. Through managing yourself to get moving you could feel happier, more energetic and wake feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Worth trying out, today?

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